Monday, March 26, 2018

Grade 4&5 Concert

Grade 4&5 Concert Response Writing

Our Grade 4&5 concert was on March 15. It started at 9:00 am and finished around 10:00 am. While I was waiting, I  could see the Grade 4 sining very joyfully! This concert was so better than last year! Throughout the concert, everybody was smiling very bright. So if I describe it in a color, it was a bright yellow concert! Overall, I thought the concert was very unforgettable and unforgettable concert because it was my birthday!

First there was the Grade 5 Band playing. They were the first ones to start the concert!! They were all playing in Unison and even though some people made mistakes, they just kept on going. The band played ‘Let’s Rock’ and ‘Mickey Mouse March’. It was so outstanding!When I was watching the bands through the screen I felt very Exciting because I was very excited to hear the songs and also I was thinking they were so awesome!!

Second, there was the violin duet which was me and Talya! We were one of the advanced strings. We played the song ‘Fiddle Time’ as our duet. I was a bit surprised that Talya made a mistake in the middle that she didn’t make when we were practicing in the rehearsal! Before I got on my stage for my duet, I felt so nervous because there were so many eyes watching me!!! But I did feel a bit excited because I got to do a duet on my  birthday and it’s very unlikely to happen!

Lastly, all the Grade 4&5 singed a great song called ‘Have You Ever Seen the Rain’ for the finale! This was like the brightest and the happiest song we sang on stage. Everyone was smiling and I thought that everyone’s tedious faces were gone!
I thought the concert was so fast and it was so fantastic!

Overall, I thought the concert was very fun and unforgettable concert!

This is a response to Grade 4&5 Concert.
The purpose of the response is to retell and judge.
One thing I did well in this writing was telling what things happened in the concert like this that happened that didn't happen when we practiced and etc..
One thing I would change is to use more better words than fun, boring, sad.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Snapshot About Me!(MARCH 2)

This is the snapshot about me!! Some of the things change from November 7!
So I hope you'll be wandering what might have been change!
Enjoy looking at my latest snapshot1

Monday, February 12, 2018

Discussion Writing: Which is Better Short Hair or Long Hair?

Which is Better Short Hair or Long Hair?

People have many different hair styles all over the world.
People’s different hair styles shows how they look like, and people get interest in it.
Some people think that short hair is the best but, some people think that long
hair is better.

Some people says short hair is better because it’s easy to dry your hair
and to keep it nice.  Because long hair takes time to dry your hair but
short hair doesn’t.
And also people who have long hair uses more shampoo than the people
who have short hair.
So people who have short hair doesn’t
ran out of shampoo faster than the others.
Another reason is that it is easy to get your hair good again.
This might not make sense but, just imagine that your hair is very long and you
just dyed your hair and your hair is in a very bad condition now.
People who have long hairs will take some time or even longer to
get it back good
again because you have to cut it until the bad hair is all gone.
But short hairs will get their nice hair back quickly.

On the other hand, some people think that long hair is better than short hair is
better because they can do many hairstyle that short hairs can’t do.
Example,  you have a very short hair and you have to go to work every day.
It might be boring if you do the same hairstyle everyday or for a whole year.  
But if you have a long hair you can do many different hair styles!
The second reason is that too short hairs are very hard to tie your hair,
but long hairs are easier to tie.
Just imagine that you are eating a soup.  Our parents always says to tie our
hairs because they don’t want our hairs to go in soup. So they always reminds us.
And people who have very short hairs like coming up to your ears(or a bit below), it will be very hard
to tie your hairs because it will be sliding down every second. But if you have long hairs, it will be easier to tie
your hair.

People all have different opinions and there is no answer to it.
People have different perspective and different opinions, there is no right or wrong to this question.
Some people might say short hair is better, but some people might say long hair is much more better.
Well I think that long hair is better. Because you can do many different hair styles
that short hairs can’t do at all.

So I like long hairs better than short hairs.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Fractions Dos and Don'ts

When you add or subtract fractions, you have to be careful of some things when you are adding or subtracting them.
People are not being careful about these rules and they get the wrong answer. I'll tell you the Dos and Don'ts when you add or subtract fractions.

1. When you are adding or subtracting fractions, you have to make the denominator same. So it will be a lot easier. But if the question already has the same denominators, you don't have to make them same again.

2. When you are making the denominators same, you have to also multiply the numerators too. I don't understand why we have to multiply the numerators when we are making the denominator same.

1. Don't ADD Denominators or  when you're solving the question. If you add denominators, you'll get the  wrong answer.
2. Don't SUBTRACT denominators when you are subtracting fractions. If you do, you'll get the wrong answer.

If you are not being careful of adding or subtracting denominators, you might have a hard time in multiplying fractions or dividing fractions. In multiplying fractions you still have to make the same denominator, but if you just multiply them, you might get the wrong answer.
So be careful of the denominators!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Government Opinion

This week was a crazy week. I'll say it was wonky.
On Monday, we did a simulation about Monarchy.
On Tuesday, I simulated about Anarchy.
On Wednesday, I simulated Dictatorship.
On Thursday, I simulated Democracy.

I think that monarchy is the best one because, well anarchy was fun but if this was a real thing it will be a total disaster. Dictatorship will be hard and a bit annoying because you have to do everything that the leader says and you can't do what you want to do.
Democracy will be to annoying because the leader is keep on asking questions to you a lot.

My worst was dictatorship.  Because the leader doesn't even listen to the citizen's voices and just does what he/she wants to do. And we can't complain about something we don't like. Or else she/he will get very mad at me. So we have to do something even thought we don't want to do. And if this was real, my head would be exploding. And I would be very mad. But it was good that it was just only one day. If this was like a year or even more, I'll be tired, stressed out, And in the past, if this happened to people, I feel so bad for them. I think they are so great because they just had to listen to the leader without complaining. If I were I them, I couldn't do that. Well I could, but not to the end.

It was fun simulating this four different types of government.
I am guessing this is something about U.O.I. Because before we started migration unit, we also did a simulation too.
It was fun doing this and I hope this is the U.O.I unit.

Democracy Reflection

Day 4 Reflection  
A democracy means a leader who listens to the citizens voices and
treat them very importantly.
The citizen's voices should be heard for them.
In a democracy the citizens have to tell ideas what they
have to solve a problem or something else.
The government has to listen to the citizens voices first and
chooses the right option for the country.
A democracy is successful if/when the citizens voices are heard.
personal comment
Being a part of a democracy made me feel happy.
I would change to have more ideas.
I would keep listening to the leader.
A color I would choose to represent democracy would be yellow. 💛
A symbol I would choose to represent democracy would be 😁 a happy face emoji.
Because I was happy about the part where the leader heard the citizen's voices first.
An image I would choose to represent democracy would be  yellow. Because 
yellow is a color for happiness and I as a citizen was feeling happy about the leader because they thought the citizen's voices were so important.

Dictatorship Reflection

Day 3 Reflection  
A dictatorship means a person who is like a leader who makes up
her/his own facts which some are fake, and control people how it wants to be treated.
In a dictatorship the citizens have to listen to the dictator or else the
dictatorship will get very mad.
The government has to control people how they want to do it.
A dictatorship is successful if/when the citizens does what the dictator said.
personal comment
Being a part of a dictatorship made me feel confusing and angry.
I would change my face expression a bit.
I would keep listening to the dictator.
A color I would choose to represent dictatorship would be purple and red. 💜ðŸ”ī
A symbol I would choose to represent dictatorship would be 😓ðŸ˜Ļa confused
face and a scared face.
Because I was feeling like that at that time.
An image I would choose to represent dictatorship would be a volcano.
Because I was feeling angry so my mind almost exploded.